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In this menstrual cycle support e-book we will discuss:

Evidence-based education on how to handle PMS and your Cycle

We will cover:

  • Understanding the different phases of the cycle
  • How to reduce the symptoms of PMS
  • What exercise to reduce pain
  • Principles of Nutrition for menstrual health
  • Supplement guide to boost mood
  • Recipes (to handle PMS cravings without the junk!)

It’s time to take the pressure off and find easy and simple solutions!

  • 16 quick, easy and craving busting recipes
  • Calories, macros and MyFitnessPal barcodes for simple understanding of nutritional content
  • NO Complex recipes that take hours to make
  • NO Fiddly ingredients that are hard to source – or expensive!
  • NO Highly processed ingredients

“That time of the month” doesn’t need to be something we don’t talk about and pretend like it isn’t a pain in the backside!

We all suffer as women with this pain, mood swings, challenges and stigma of monthly bleeding.

Get help and support. Because being a woman is TOUGH!

Too many women are suffering in silence.

It’s ingrained into everyone that it’s a “normal part of being a woman.”

Most women don’t realise that we don’t have to suffer alone and there are other options.

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