Coaching WomenOver 40 ForWeight Loss& HormonalBalance

Bespoke 6 Month
fitness and diet plan
for women

Coaching WomenOver 40 ForWeight Loss& HormonalBalance

6 Month
fitness and
diet plan
for women

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Lose Weight and Tone Up

Sustainably drop up to 8lbs of fat per month and prevent classic menopause symptoms

Build your confidence, self-love and self-acceptance

Join our community and support network

Boost your metabolism and balance your hormones

Increase your body's efficiency and effectivity in burning fat!


Women's Lives Changed Forever!


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Un - Meno - Pause Your Life Coaching Programs

For Busy Professional Women Over 40 dealing with Peri-Menopause or Menopause:

Drop up to 4 dress sizes, get your energy back, & fit into your old clothes again in 6 months or less – and never need another weight loss program again!

Fast, simple & sustainable results without eating grilled chicken and broccoli 24/7 or a gym membership

Rebalance your hormones to drop fat and blast the belly without starving yourself

Fit into your old wardrobe and learn to STAY in it, whilst boosting your energy and body confidence

6 Weeks In & 14 Lbs Down "...and I never thought it would be this easy"

We Have Limited Spaces Available For Driven Women Over 40 Wanting To Lose up to 4 Stone, Boost Energy Levels & Fit Back Into Their Old Wardrobe Again In 6 Months Or Less…

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Start executing and dropping fat. No hidden fees. No hidden applications. Just get going.

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"Un-MENO-Pause Coaching" Focuses on Your Individual Needs

The biggest revelation around food that you will learn with us is that there is no such thing good foods or bad foods.

This is a women’s diet plan that looks nothing like a normal ‘diet’. 

Yes, you heard me.

Most women I work with 1:1 have been held hostage by the rules we create around food…societal or self-imposed pressures are destroying our ability to eat naturally.

Wouldn’t you agree? So quick question…

Have diet restrictions helped or limited you?

If you’ve tried diets that don’t work & broken more resolutions to go to the gym than you can count, my 1:1 online personalised diet program is just for you.

If you’re so tired of being tired, and feeling guilty about finding time for your own wellness, this is for you.

My custom 1:1 coaching program will allow you to finally intertwine health and sustainable weight loss into your busy life in a manageable way.

So, those rules that limit you so bad you feel like a victim…let me show you how to break them, still lose weight & feel better than you’ve ever felt.

Are you ready to free yourself?

What You Want

Do you dream of shedding that stubborn belly fat, slipping into your favorite old clothes, and achieving sustainable weight loss without the constant hassle?

Experience the joy of ending each week with the scales showing a decrease, like they did in your 20s, all without the need for extreme dieting, compromising your career, or setting foot in a gym

Stop negative self talk, feeling disgusted with what you see in the mirror

Feel desirable again and start having fun, spontaneous sex with your other half without having to watch your intimacy disappear through lack of libido or hiding away from being naked in front of him.

✅ Never have to “think” about your weight or health again and be totally in control (regardless of what life throws at you).

Your solution is here, and it comes with our No Fail Guarantee!

What We Do

Our “Un-MENO-Pause Coaching” specialises in empowering women over 40 to regain control of their hormones, conquer menopause, and transform weight loss into a natural part of their lives.

Our No Fail Guarantee: Results You Want or We Work for FREE: We are so confident in our program that we promise you results. If you don’t see the progress you desire, we will work with you for FREE until you do. Your success is our commitment.

Rediscover Your Old Clothes: Say goodbye to the clothes you’ve stashed away in your closet for years. Our program is designed to help you fit back into your favorite outfits, effortlessly and comfortably.

Sustainable Weight Loss: Forget the rollercoaster of dieting and weight gain. We focus on sustainable, long-term results, ensuring that you achieve your weight loss goals and maintain them without constantly thinking about it.

No More Calorie Counting: Bid farewell to the tedious task of calorie counting. We help you simplify and automate your habits, allowing you to enjoy food without the guilt while still achieving your desired results.

Transform into Your Best Self: Our approach goes beyond just weight loss; it’s about becoming the best version of yourself. We empower you to simplify and automate your habits, breaking free from the cycle of restriction and binging.

Join the Natural Transformation: we believe that weight loss should be a natural part of who you are. We specialize in helping women over 40 regain control of their hormones and conquer menopause while achieving their desired weight loss goals.

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How We Get Results

 Expert Guidance: Rita is a world class coach, working with over 1000 women worldwide, and an expert in the challenges they face during menopause. She’ll guide you every step of the way to regain control of your hormones and achieve your weight loss goals with ease.

✨  Proven System: Designed by an expert in nutrition, hormones, fitness, behaviour change and fat loss, and tested out over 8 years to be the best version possible. No unregulated social media people here.

✨ Personalized Approach: We know that every woman is unique. Our program is tailored to your specific needs, making your journey truly one-of-a-kind.

✨ Lasting Results: Say goodbye to the frustrations of hormonal changes. We’re here to help you achieve sustainable, lasting results that will change your life.

✨ No Risk: With our No Fail Guarantee, you have nothing to lose except unwanted weight and hormonal imbalances.

✨ Don’t let menopause and hormonal fluctuations hold you back any longer. Embrace a simplified, automated approach to transform your body and experience the freedom of effortless, guilt-free weight loss and hormonal balance today!

Take Sophie....

Who lost weight for the first time ever (from the very first week! by making just one or two simple changes)

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Key Differences Between Us and Them

There are three crucial factors we must consider:

  1. The physical and hormonal changes that women undergo during menopause, which typically begins in their early 40s.

  2. The stress associated with high-powered job roles.
  3. The challenge of balancing these responsibilities with family and social life.

❌ The majority of “diets” fail to address any of these concerns. They are primarily tailored to individuals in their 20s and 30s, who experience lower stress levels and hormonal balance that facilitates weight loss.

✅ To truly assist the women we coach in achieving rapid results and alleviating their concerns about weight, health, and fitness, we need to approach the matter from a different perspective.

Every successful weight loss journey hinges on achieving the right balance in your hormones and metabolism. As you age and approach menopause, your hormones undergo significant changes, particularly if you carry excess body fat.

The added stress from a high-powered job can exacerbate this hormonal imbalance, making it easier to gain weight and more challenging to shed it through conventional “dieting” methods.

❌ And then we end up with…. “The Middle Aged Spread.”

Some women choose to accept this as a natural part of the aging process. Others attempt to address the issue with “diets” that may have been effective in their younger years.

However, these approaches fall short because hormonal and metabolic factors obstruct their progress, leaving them stuck and struggling with their weight and body image despite their best efforts.

✅ Instead, when you become one of our Private Coaching clients, we will employ our “Un-MENO-Pause Systems”...

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You Get Results Like This

Your Plans Will Cover:


Meals and Recipes

Shopping lists and Food Prep

Eating Out and Holidays

Exercise anywhere (no gym needed)

Habit change (put habits on autopilot)

Hormone Balance Plan (Bloodwork included)

Routine and Lifestyle

Time management plan

Supplement Plan

Regular and quality sleep habit plan

Alcohol Management

Emotional and Stress Eating Conversion

Private Client Portal

24/7 Support and Accountability

Weekly 1:1 Calls ***

Weekly Group Calls

Access to our full Client support network of women

Get access to our annual client events


We do all the thinking for you!

Just turn up and follow the plan!


*** Included in “Un-Meno-Pause PLUS” Program Only

Your Education Will Cover:


My Ultimate Fat Loss & Mindset Bible – the only guide you will ever need

Restorative Sleep & Meditation

Breathing & Posture

Goal Setting For Goals That Last

Stability & Flexibility

Nutrition For Fat Loss Management

High Performance Habits Program

Unbreakable Mindset

Stress, HRV, Nervous System Re-stabalisation

Hormonal balance

Gut Health & Digestion Optimisation

Anti-Disease Prevention Techniques

Neurological reprogramming and emotional wound breaking

Menopause and Beyond – How to Lose Belly Fat and create a toned physique post-40


The Secrets That The Pros DON’T Want You To Know!

"Un-MENO-Pause Coaching" is for You If:

  • You want to lose up to 48lbs in 6 months without restricting yourself or being a slave to exercise.
  • You want to learn how to sustain your results for life, and never need another weight loss program again.
  • You are at a point where something has to change, because it’s impacting your relationship, work, family or self-confidence.
  • You have minimal time and need something that tailors to your life, and fits in with you are your specific needs.
  • You can commit to 1 hour session per week, plus 15 minutes a day to implement the changes.
  • You’re ready to be your best self and let go of the past that is holding you back.
  • You want a proven-system that details exactly what you need to do and how, as well as some 1 on 1 time with Rita and a small group of other VIPs to keep you accountable 24/7
  • You’re willing to go step-by-step and do the 1 or 2 things that are effective, not waste your time on 100 things that won’t work for you.
  • You have had a past wound, trauma or experience that has an impact on how you treat your body:

Whether it be adoption, abandonment, abusive relationships, a sister you were always compared to, a mother or father who always commented on your weight, been bullied or gone through domestic or sexual abuse.

  • You are ready to change your body and life for good (not just for now.)

"Un-MENO-Pause Coaching" is NOT for You If:

  • You’re not willing to participate in the Group and share your wins and challenges with the other women
  • You don’t want to look inwardly and reflect on the behaviours and beliefs that are not serving you or your body.
  • You want a quick fix or a pill to do the work for you.
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself to achieve permanent results
  • You’re not willing to be kept accountable 24/7 by your VIP coach and the other women in your group.
  • You’re not ready to explore the challenges you have faced up until now.
  • You’re not ready to create an extraordinary life of freedom, both emotionally and physically.
  • You’re not ready to believe in yourself that you CAN lose weight, especially with weekly small group coaching, and 24/7 support from your VIP coach.
  • You’re not coachable or willing to forget all the restrictive diet BS that you’ve learnt from Instafamous 20 somethings.
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Do you want to get over these menopause symptoms:

Like bloating, fatigue, meno-belly spread and hot flushes...


*** Individual results may vary, testimonials are not claimed to represent all client results. All testimonials are from real clients, but are not intended to represent or guarantee that everyone will achieve the same results.

“Un-MENO-Pause Coaching” is about creating a change of life, not just weight loss…


  • My signature long term fat loss coaching program, was created to help busy women to lose weight & beat emotional eating without ever giving up your favourite foods.

  • This online women’s diet plan is not strict or about restricting your food, it is all about understanding how your body reacts to food so that we can nourish it well.

  • I know from my own personal experience that you CAN lose weight (70lbs for me) and keep it off while still enjoying pizza and wine – my Friday night go-tos, because that’s what I’ve done for the past 7 years.

  • You never have to worry about being bored or fatigued with food, we create freedom to eat and enjoy it.

  • Through this sustainable fat loss plan, I also work with women with chronic illnesses, injuries, lower back problems, ME, MS, PCOS, fibromyalgia, Diabetes and many more individual circumstances.

  • You never need to be limited. We work with you to ensure that everything works for you.

  • Movement is tailored to ALL fitness levels and for ANY injury you may have… From beginners to experts… Bad knees to bad shoulders… We will help you find a way to safely exercise while having FUN.

  • My 1:1 personalised diet plan and fitness program is convenient and completely flexible, as opposed to adding more stress to your life.

  • I can work with you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and ensure that it is done on your schedule.

  • You will have 24/7 access to my support and accountability and first dibs on my calendar to book in with me every week.

  • Your COMFORT, SAFETY, and RESULTS are my #1 priorities through every step of the diet plan. We will start creating nutrition, exercise, and mindset habits that fit into the life you lead today… Whether that means you’re working 75 hours a week, or you’re caring for 3  kids at home (mine are all under 7, so I get ya!)

  • There will be some bumps in the road. After all, this is real life, and in real life there are always struggles that come up!

  • However, when those bumps happen, we will help you stay on track so that you continue to lose weight and crush your goals. You and I are in communication with each privately, so that you get the BEST support for your unique life.

  • When you lose your first 10 pounds, we will celebrate together! At that point, what makes us even more excited is that you’ll also begin to realise there are many more benefits to leading a healthy life than the number on the scale.

  • With this women’s diet plan, we don’t believe in following the hottest fads or trends. The habits or the nutrients that I help my clients to create and track are backed by science and proven by real people.

  • We believe that your sustainable fat loss plan and your habits should be unique to YOU. You deserve the best!

I get it, investing in yourself, when you've got so much proof that you've failed, is damn right scary!

That's why:

  • This is a proven program designed by a real woman for real women! I was 70lbs overweight and depressed in my body with no clue how to get a handle on it!
  • We cover the realities of your life, ensuring that yo can go out each weekend, enjoy your birthday, head for a beach holiday and never feel scared that you will put weight back on.
  • We focus on the route cause of your weight or body shape struggles, we work from the core out, so that your “problem” of weight never comes back.
  • We get out of mindset that teaches you that you have to give up, restrict and be “all in” in order to lose weight. All my clients manage it and still enjoy cake and steak!
  • You learn how to identify the chain of events that make you reach for food at the wrong times – and interrupt the pattern
  • You learn how to train your body to burn fat, not muscle
  • How to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones
  • The proven formula for conditioning your mind for success.
  • My goal is to strip away all of the unnecessary “rules” and help you create a plan you can commit to so you can unleash a fitter, happier, and healthier version of yourself in just 90 days.

Now it's your turn

“Un-MENO-Pause” today and change your life and body forever.

With our guarantee, it’s a no-brainer! Be like the hundreds of other women who took action and made the choice to change.

You and your body deserve to be the lean, confident and best version of you.

What's Next?

1. Enroll... Sign Up Today and Take Action

If you’re ready to get started, you’ll be able to enroll via one of the links below (either a one off for the full 6 months) or instalments. You will then get instant access to the client portal, where you can get access to the group calls as well as go through all pre-call assessments. This is where we get ALL the details needed to build your initial plan. I will review your assessment form and ask any additional questions, as well as welcome you to the program.

2. Execute... Get your plan, and all the help you need

Once you receive your plan and link to book in your calls, and have reviewed everything, I will want you to message any questions you have so we can make sure you’re fully up and running. We do weekly evaluations and revise as needed. Urgent matters are handled immediately…that’s what the 24.7 support and accountability is for.


"Un-Meno-Pause" CLASSIC

Everything in our Un-Meno-Pause Group Program as detailed above

"Un-Meno-Pause" PLUS

Our full Un-Meno-Pause Group Program


Weekly 1:1 Private Coaching with Rita for un-paralleled 24/7 accountability. Our most accelerated results with daily 1:1 support.

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