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100% Satisfaction Guarantee

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do everything the program has to offer and don’t get the results you want, we will work with you for free until you do. It’s guaranteed to work if you do.

The Health Collective (THC)

**VIP Mastermind Coaching**

The Health Collective is our flagship VIP Small Group Coaching, focusing on creating lifetime results in fat loss, body toning, body confidence and habit creation.

Drop the inconsistency and receive the customized guidance, accountability, and support that has helped 100+ women take control of their health for good.

My approach works because it’s about uncovering what works for YOU with 24/7 support, guidance and accountability across nutrition, exercise, hormones, habits and consistency. We cover EVERYTHING!

That’s what’s different about working with me, and that’s why our VIP small group coaching program has produced fast yet sustainable results for hundreds of women like you.

Apply and start dropping fat, toning up and saying “up yours” to hormonal symptoms as soon as this week!

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Premium Partnership

**1:1 Private Coaching**

Premium Partnership is a bespoke, and completely personalized 1:1 coaching program for women who are looking to never need another weight loss program again.

If you are looking to rediscover your ideal body, rebalance your home and work life, reset your energy and metabolism, and regain your ideal body then this is for you.

You will achieve peak physical performance, high energy, the keys for lifetime weight loss, complete body confidence and clarity and natural ease in maintaining your ideal body shape.

This program provides fully tailored guidance, support and 24/7 accountability to get you the best possible results. As this is 1:1, with very limited capacity, an application must be completed.

PLUS you get everything in the Health Collective Mastermind included too!

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The Life Collective (TLC)

**Mastery Coaching**

The Life Collective is our 6-month body & life mastery program available to past THC, and Premium Partnership clients, who want to elevate their health, body and life even further by mastering their mind body connection.

With our elite level support and guidance, we focus on lifetime mastery of physiology, emotions, mindset, metabolism, hormones, body balance, energy and performance.

TLC is for women who have the foundation already. You know what to do, but are ready to learn the true art of life and body mastery, and are looking for the accountability and community to truly take charge.

Everyone needs a little TLC in their life.

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