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In this IBS support e-book we will discuss:

Evidence-based education on how to handle and improve IBS and related symptoms

We will cover:

  • What is IBS?
  • Common dietary culprits when it comes to IBS
  • Nutritional interventions for improving IBS
  • Managing stress for IBS symptoms
  • Exercising with IBS
  • Supplement guide to improve IBS
  • Recipes (tasty and IBS friendly)

It’s time to take the pressure off and find easy and simple solutions!

  • 16 recipes to support IBS sufferers, tasty and gut friendly!
  • Calories, macros and MyFitnessPal barcodes for simple understanding of nutritional content
  • NO Complex recipes that take hours to make
  • NO Fiddly ingredients that are hard to source – or expensive!
  • NO Highly processed ingredients

IBS is often overlooked by those who have never suffered from it. But it is one of the hardest chronic struggles to deal with.

Don’t feel embarrassed or afraid to get support. You are not alone!

Too many women are suffering in silence.

Too many women are scared to talk about these symptoms for fear of ridicule.

Walk with us and join the revolution of women speaking out.

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