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Hi I’m Rita, Health Coach, Author & Founder Of The Health & Fitness Coach

As a mum of 3 with a busy household to manage and a business to run, I understand how hard it is to take care of you, whilst juggling all your responsibilities, managing a team, targets, and then family, teenagers to run around after… you’re pulled from wearing your “work hat” to “mum hat” every day, and you’re exhausted, putting yourself last.

I’m here to tell you, it doesn’t have to be this way, after helping 100’s of women take back control of their body & their health and you can too.

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Unlike personal trainers that only work when you do.

Or diets that deprive and suck the life out of you.

I’ve developed something that works for women who have little spare time, juggling a million tasks but who want to take back control of their body and their habits.

I call this CHAN6E

Even if you’ve tried everything, I guarantee that my Chan6e – 6 Step System will work for you.

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Get lasting results

All of my clients have been able to achieve life changing results and have mastered the skills to keeping the weight off, without it taking over their life.

95% of people who lose weight, put it back on again within a year.

My clients are all in the 5% – because rather than going back to normal after the programme finishes, we create a new normal for you, which means you never have to TRY to lose weight again.

You just live it.

What makes my programmes WORK is I collaborate & design with my clients to individually create a plan that works around their needs, lifestyle, timeframes and goals.

Unlike many coaches where the plan is cookie cutter and is often unrealistic and restrictive.

I work with my clients to make a few simple changes each week so they’re not overwhelmed. We make natural choices that allow us to reach our ideal body, without having to always be thinking about it.

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Now it's your turn

I’d like to give you the opportunity to chat with me personally to create a plan on what would work best for you.

Don’t stay stuck, frustrated, exhausted and in a body you’re just not proud of.


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