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Meet Jenny, who spent her whole life in diet cycles, never managing to maintain her weight loss. In 12 weeks, her life changed dramatically – watch to learn how.

For the first time in 30 years, she’s managed to lose 22lbs & keep it off without stepping foot in a gym, or giving up her favourite foods. She’s a big socialite too, so no giving up night’s out either.

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Meet Sam, a mum and career woman who has never felt confident in her own skin.

She has gone from describing herself as “ugly” and “disgusting” to “sexy” and “attractive” in just 90 days. For the first time in her life, she’s managed to lose 20lbs and a whopping 68cm of body fat, all the while working and caring for 3 young kids. She finally feels body confident, secure in her marriage and is prepping for a promotion all from the last 12 weeks.

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Meet Kinga. Despite working with other coaches and therapists, Kinga had reached her heaviest weight, feeling stuck and frustrated not knowing what to do next. In her time with our group coaching program, she has lost up to 2 stone and says “I think her (Rita’s) approach to weight loss and mental and physical wellbeing is exactly how it should be – 100% holistic and person centred. Her programme teaches you the importance of understanding why do we do the things that we do, why are we the way we are and helps you make genuine, long-lasting changes in life.

Thanks to Rita (and everyone who was a part of my group!) I feel that I have reached a very high level of self awareness, my confidence has grown, I love and appreciate myself more, I realised what my true values and goals are and I was able to build a very solid foundation on which I can now continue to grow and develop. And, while all this was happening and with all the attitude and mindset changes I’ve gone through, my weight just started dropping on its own!

I’m sad to be done with the programme, but forever grateful for everything I learned in it.”

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Meet Michelle. Having felt trapped on the hamster wheel of life for 40 years, a senior manager, mum and wife, with her body paying the price for her stress, overwork and overwhelm, Michelle never thought she could lose weight, and actually be happy with her body and mental health. When she joined our group coaching, her life changed (and her body too!) She says “I never thought I would achieve so much, such as my weight loss, body transformation and self confidence. Being part of the sisterhood circle is an experience that has changed my life I would recommend Rita to anyone, she is an outstanding coach and an inspiration to all women.”


Meet Lisa. Having been on the cycle of endless diets from Weight Watchers to Slimming World to Slimfast and Lighter life (to name but a few) and having tried Personal Trainers and other programs, Lisa didn’t think anything would work! Until finally she found a sustainable change with our Premium Partnership 1:1 Coaching. Having lost several stone, she knows exactly what she needs to do and how to do it, to continue her weight loss and journey and maintain it. She has never had a program be so personal, and creating such an understanding of her own body, habits and behaviours (and how to change them anyway she wants) she will never look back.

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Meet Del, 74, who reversed 60 years of bad habits and weight gain in just 12 weeks, all whilst having an underactive thyroid. She was severely overweight round her middle and waist, and she had bad lower back, hip and knee pain! Now she is no longer in pain and has lost inches round her waist. Watch to see her story.

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Meet Donna, a successful business woman who has never felt confident in her body.

She has finally achieved the self-acceptance, self-worth, physique and life that she has dreamed of, whilst successfully navigating her career and family. Not only is she still a highly focused career-led female, but now she feels like a free, awakened, vivacious and desirable woman.

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Meet Anya, diagnosed with PCOS and working plus education 15 hours a day, she didn’t think she could ever find time to lose the weight. 15kg down in 3 months, she was shocked at how she was able to EAT MORE and LOSE MORE at the same time with changes that came naturally to boost her health, confidence and performance.

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Cyprus Retreat '22

Michelle is approaching 50; a successful career driven woman and mother, she has always felt that something was missing. After her retreat, she describes it as “life changing” having enabled her to fully let go of past experience and embrace the woman she is today. She has finally found self-acceptance and self-love and is for the first time free of her self criticism.

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Cyprus Retreat '22

Meet Laura, a successful and busy executive, she loves to travel and explore and was searching for something more in her life, fully aware that something was missing. She has lost over a stone in weight and discovered her new career path and passion from her Retreat Experience.

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I have just completed an initial 12 week 121 coaching plan with Rita and if you are reading this weighing up whether it’s really worth it then all I can say is ABSOLUTELY!!

As a professional in my 40s I had put weight on gradually and was finding myself increasingly inactive and focussed on building my business, taking care of my family and friends and spending little time taking care of me. I tried every diet going and either lost interest or the will to live with these and something had to change.

I had an initial zoom session with Rita and found it really resonated in how she approaches helping her clients – a combination of what you eat, how you move and your mindset. I completely embraced the programme and was open to Rita challenging me, educating me and supporting me on my journey.

This has given me a new way of living and the results have been great losing weight, inches and gaining time for me!! For anyone who feels like I did – unhappy with not just how they look but how this made them feel then take the time to talk to Rita.

I can’t thank Rita enough for the work we have done together and I will certainly be working with her again in the future as I continue my journey.

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Meet Vickie. Who felt so confused by the sheer amount of information surrounding weight loss that she never knew what was right for her. Dealing with menopausal weight gain, especially round the stomach, she wasn’t sure that there would be a way to resolve this. When she joined the Group Coaching, she discovered how to handle her hormones and actually make them work FOR her. Not only did she lose weight, she eels secure in the knowledge of how to handle her body and needs life long.


Rita personifies positive regard and empathic understanding…she really is positive psychology in action.
I had an incredibly enlightening experience as part of her Sisterhood group and in the 12 weeks managed to lose weight and get past the blockers that had previously stopped me doing so. There’s a lot of both practical and emotional support and guidance and an overriding sense that we are in control of our own processes. I finished the programme feeling that I had worked from the inside out and had been furnished with the tools to support myself going forward. Thank you Rita and the wonderful ladies I met on my journey.”


Towards the end of last year suddenly and somehow Rita and I connected on LinkedIn. I remember my initial rejection of the thought of a coach to help me with my health and fitness but overnight I changed my mind and decided that I did actually deserve to put me and my health first for once.

I really appreciate Rita’s approach as losing weight isn’t just about eating less or exercising more, it has to include mindset work. Through the weeks of the program with Rita I have completed different activities which have really helped me clarify who I am, what it is I want and how it is within my power to create the person I want to be.

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I would highly recommend The Health And Fitness Coach programmes having lost 2 stone in just 2 months which has left me feeling amazing. I’m now in control of my weight and health and am enjoying the food and training plans provided as well as the 24/7 support provided by Rita.


Meet Karolina. Her self-confidence was at an all time low, even though on paper she had it all. The house, career, finances. She never felt comfortable in her body until she joined Premium Partnership 1:1. Losing weight and inches, but more importantly losing her self doubt and self-criticism, she finally started to love herself.


She reached her 12lbs weight loss target with a whole 7 weeks left to go on her programme.

Since then she is focusing on building tone and physique and sculpting her body and finally living her best life in her late 40s.

This is what she had to say:

“It works!! I reached my target weight and feel great! An amazing experience for women that deserve to be the true woman they want to be. Being able to eat and not diet is a unique experience. That was just some of what this programme with Rita had to offer me…,.. Life coaching with Rita is life changing, inspiring, awakening and I feel If I didn’t know who I really was (all of me) I do now! Who do I want to be, what makes me happy, how exciting to lift that lid off my box that I hadn’t realised I had put myself in…from a life mapped out around Finances, pension and so on, I had forgotten about living now….. from being a blank piece of paper I now have a colourful picture of life, what do I want, how does that make me feel and how do I get there. Learning to love who I am and a quote I have picked up whilst on the program: No one is me and that is my superpower

So I say to you, No one is you and that is your superpower.

Working with Rita can really make things happen for you, highly recommend you take the step to find out more about the woman you are and the woman inside you bursting to get out xxx”

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