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I currently work with women in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and NZ!

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Lose weight simply and sustainably with online weight loss and menopause coaching

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If you want to compete in bikini or figure competitions

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I'm Rita, a Level 5 Habit Change Coach, Level 4 Medically Trained PT and a Nutrition Menopause, and Hormone Specialist

I provide in person and online personal training, nutrition plans, massage, competition training, hormone and diet blood tests and lifestyle coaching.

Having gained 70lbs in body fat after my first pregnancy, I get what it’s like not to feel comfortable in your own skin. Having trained as an in person PT originally, Covid forced us all to learn to work in new ways. Having started online coaching back in 2020 I realised the AMAZING results that my clients were getting no matter where they were in the world.

I understand that it can be kinda nerve-wracking asking for help from a coach

a.) because there is so much information out there that you don’t even know where to start,

and b.) there are so many BS artists online nowadays, how do you know I’m the right person for you?

This is why I offer all my weekly sessions with simply a 30 day cancellation. No need to sign up for a lengthy package unless you feel ready!

I work with the body as a holistic whole. Focusing on your movement, exercise, nutrition, hormone imbalances, work, sleep, lifestyle and habits.

Every session, plan and programme is tailored to you and your goals to get your your results simply and sustianably.

I don’t do cookie cutter because you and your hormones as so individual!

I Work With Women Online On All Areas Below:

  • Fat loss and weight management
  • Toning and Muscle building
  • Fitness and Strength
  • Energy increase
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Competition Training
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis, Diabetes
  • Hysterectomy Recovery
  • Physique Training

All sessions take place weekly via video call

If you need help in any of the above areas, then simply book in a session below.

It takes 30 seconds to change your life!

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Do You Want To Feel Like Donna?

And be in the BEST SHAPE of your life at 50, whilst getting your energy, waist and confidence back!

Lose Up To 28lbs in 12 Weeks

Weight Loss and Menopause (Hormone) Coaching Sessions

These are weekly sessions where we meet 1:1 to check in on progress, changes, results and adaptations.

All that is included and covered in these sessions (and in between)

  • meal and nutrition plans
  • exercise and movement plans
  • supplement plans
  • sleep and lifestyle adaptations
  • hormone balancing
  • rehabilitation plans

***Please note that we provide bloodwork, blood tests, gut tests and urine tests at additional cost. These are all tailor designed to your needs and come with a full medical breakdown from our consultant, plus any changes needed in your diet and movement made by myself.

Bikini, Figure, Fitness or Competition Training (Body Transformation)

These are weekly sessions where we meet 1:1 to check in on progress, changes, results and adaptations.

All that is included and covered in these sessions (and in between)

  • meal, macro and nutrition plans
  • exercise and competition prep plans
  • supplement plans
  • posing practice

These sessions are designed for those looking to compete in bikini or figure competitions, who want to LOOK like they could. As a national bikini competitor, I can help you transform your body into aesthetic competition standard.

I work with competitors, non-competitors, and those who MIGHT want to compete at some time. All our programs are 100% focused on developing the competitor’s (bikini or figure) physique, whether you decide to step on stage or not.

We offer a MUCH more thorough program than any online contest prep program I’ve ever seen. We are able to do this because we carry a very light load of clients at all times…about one-tenth as many as the big competition teams, and around half as many as the average team.

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We are all about results, not over-complicated plans…


Throughout years of dieting, most women have damaged their hormone cycles and metabolism and even looking at a carbohydrate puts 3lbs onto their belly! We look at healing the body to make it more efficient and effective at burning fat and building strength so that you can eat all the foods you love without having to worry.

With The Health Collective VIP Small Group Coaching you will learn how YOUR body works. How to balance YOUR hormones, how to eat the right foods for YOU, how to move in a way that gets YOU results. This is bespoke and unique to YOU>

I understand how daunting the idea of changing your body and health can be! I used to be a member of the..."procrastinated and hoped it would fix itself club!"

That's why:

These weekly sessions will cover all areas of exercise, movement, food, hormones, supplements, sleep, habits and lifestyle.

No long term contract, sign up on a weekly basis.

Just 30 Day Cancellation for any regular sessions booked. No need to sign up for life!

Through this women only diet plan and fitness plan, you will learn how to create a culture of excellence within your body that will become the new foundation for the relationship you have with yourself.

Optimise your physique step by step through this sustainable fat loss plan – each day, week, month will be adapted as you progress depending on where you are at and your needs at the time.

Focusing on the route cause of your weight or body shape struggles, this personalised diet plan helps you work from the core out, to understand and remedy the cause.

This way, your “problem” of weight can NEVER come back.