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Do you struggle to find motivation? 

Do you need help finding the drive on those days when you REALLY don’t want to!?

Then this guide will help you discover, and maintain, your motivation for health, fitness and weight loss long term.

Are you looking to make a change in your lifestyle, modify your habits or
embark on a challenge, but always seem to make a false start and never
achieve what you had hoped to?

What is stopping you?
What are you waiting for?
Are you waiting for the time to be right?
Are you waiting for the moment you feel
that everything falls into place?
Are you waiting for the moment when you
have enough uninterrupted time?
Are you going to keep waiting,
whilst feeling bad about not doing anything?

Motivation is essential to a lifetime ability to sustain results, regardless of the situation or external factors.

We will look at all aspects of what motivation really is, what it means to you and how to remain committed to your goals, even when your mindset waivers.

In this guide you will learn why people quit and how to avoid falling into the traps of failure.

You will learn how to set goals, and the keys to WHAT and WHAT NOT to do to ensure you achieve them.

There are actionable tasks and learnings throughout the guide to help you implement and take action every page of the way!

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