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Metabolic and Muscle Recovery Massage

Stimulate your body to work as efficiently as possible post workout.

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Understand your INDIVIDUAL body and it's nutrition needs

Bespoke nutrition and guidance that is based on you, and nobody else, so you know it will work in your lifestyle.

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I'm Rita, a Level 4 Medically Trained PT, Nutrition Coach, Hormone Specialist, Metabolic Massage Therapist and Habit Change Coach....

I provide in person and online personal training, nutrition plans, massage, competition training, hormone and diet blood tests and lifestyle coaching.

Having gained 70lbs in body fat after my first pregnancy, I get what it’s like not to feel comfortable in your own skin. Rather than being a skinny tweenager, fresh out of their post-covid online PT training, I have been specialising for many years and also have lived the experience myself.

Asking for help can be a daunting prospect, especially at a large commercial gym with a lot of grunting, bicep curling burly men!

This is why I offer all sessions in the privacy of my own personal gym and treatment room.

I work with the body as a holistic whole. Focusing on the musculoskeletal system, metabolic rate, body composition, hormone imbalances, nutrition, sleep, lifestyle and habits.

Equally, my main aim is based on the 3 E’s

  • Enjoyable
  • Efficient
  • Effective

Every session, plan and programme is tailored to you and your goals.

No two people are the same, so no massage, PT or session should be either!

I Work With Adults On All Areas Below:

  • Fat loss and weight management
  • Toning
  • Muscle building
  • Fitness
  • Energy increase
  • Menopause symptoms
  • Hormone Imbalance
  • Mobility and Flexibility
  • Competition Training
  • Rehabilitation and Recovery
  • Lower back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Physique Training

All sessions take place in my private gym or treatment room.

If you need help in any of the above areas, then simply book in a session below.

It takes 30 seconds to change your life!

For a complete list of all my qualifications head HERE

For a complete list of all our awards head HERE

Do You Want To Feel Like Kerry?

Without giving up your favourite foods or getting lost in calorie counting overwhelm

Lose Up To 28lbs in 12 Weeks

Personal Training and Weight Loss Coaching Sessions

Individual Personal Training

This session is tailored to your body transformation goals. We will follow a structured plan designed to get you your weight or toning results in the simplest and most sustainable way possible.

Couple's Personal Training

Personal Training for 2 people (any gender / age / demographic.) These sessions are tailored to both of your body needs. We work with you as individuals, but following similar protocols. It always helps to have a gym buddy!

We will have use of our private gym space with all necessary commercial equipment.

Each session you will also get a free freshly made protein shake or protein bar of your choice to enjoy at the end.

All personal training also comes with nutrition and lifestyle, as well as habit and hormone coaching.

All plans and programmes are designed to suit your fitness levels, goals and starting point. They are designed to suit your lifestyle and what you truly enjoy, whilst being efficient and effective and fun!

Bikini, Figure, Fitness or Competition Training (Body Transformation)

These sessions are designed for those looking to achieve peak performance in a key area. As a national bikini competitor, I can help you transform your body into aesthetic competition standard (even if you don’t want to compete and you just want to LOOK like you do!)

I also work with people looking to achieve peak athletic performance for marathons, triathalons, strength training or other competition work.

These sessions are intense and designed to get your to your goals in winning standard.

All nutrition plans and supplement plans included with competition training, plus a free freshly made protein shake or protein bar of your choice at the end of every session.

Massage Sessions

Metabolic and Fat Reduction Massage

These deep tissue massages target your key fat storage areas. By breaking down the fat cells in the body, through targeted pressure points, we are able to create fat reduction.

Equally these massages are designed to increase metabolic rate, through concentration of oxygen and blood flow and cortisol decrease, especially round the lower back and abdomen.

All areas of the body can be massaged, however we will discuss the key areas you would like to focus on to achieve your particular desired results.

Deep Rest, Stress Reduction & Relaxation Massage

We use a combination of pressure points, meditation, breath work, organic oils and different tensions of touch to send you into a blissful state or deep relaxation.

Using both light and deeper strokes, I will relax every inch of your body from head to toe focusing on the scalp all the way down to the feet.

We rid you of all stress and tension and dramatically reduce cortisol levels, winding down your over active mind and decreasing all feelings of anxiety or overwhelm.

Muscle Relaxation and Recovery Massage

These massages are designed to relax your muscles with a warming and restorative treatment. Using a blend of deep tissue and holistic massage techniques, I will address any areas of concern.

Looking at the body as a whole, taking the mind, musculoskeletal system, body mechanics and mind-body response to stress, I help your muscles recover rapidly from training, work or physical exertion.

This is perfect for speeding up recovery after injury or exercise, reducing pain and inflammation and stress levels in the body.

Training and Massage Bundles

These bundles start with either a personal training and weight loss coaching session or a competition training session. They are then followed by a 45 minute or 1 hour massage either metabolic, muscle recovery or deep rest. You choose. Each session also comes with a free protein shake or bar of your choice.

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We are all about results, not over-complicated plans…


Throughout years of dieting, most women have damaged their hormone cycles and metabolism and even looking at a carbohydrate puts 3lbs onto their belly! We look at healing the body to make it more efficient and effective at burning fat and building strength so that you can eat all the foods you love without having to worry.

With The Health Collective VIP Small Group Coaching you will learn how YOUR body works. How to balance YOUR hormones, how to eat the right foods for YOU, how to move in a way that gets YOU results. This is bespoke and unique to YOU>

Does any of thisFeel Familiar:

  • You’ve never had a good relationship with your body?
  • You criticize your weight no matter what; even when you look back at pictures of yourself in your 20s and think “I was slim, why was I so unhappy with my body?”
  • You emotionally eat and struggle to stay away from food when your feeling stressed, sad, tired, overwhelmed, anxious or even happy and celebratory?
  • You feel sluggish every day and have lost the motivation to bother or to believe that you can really change.
  • You hate what you see in the mirror, but can never seem to change it.
  • Your body doesn’t match the woman you feel you are – you feel disconnected from it.
  • You have tried so many different fads that you can’t remember NOT being on a diet (and probably tried your first as a teenager)
  • You used to like exercise, but you can’t seem to find anything you enjoy or can stick to now.
  • You are sure that your hormones and metabolism are completely shot and have no clue how to improve them.
  • Losing weight feels so complicated that you don’t have time to DO all the things you need to, to achieve it.
  • You feel vulnerable talking about your weight and facing up to your body image anxieties, because it should be simple right?
  • You have tried so many different things and spent so much money on diets, PTs, programs and pills that you are skeptical that anything will work.
  • You know WHAT to do, but implementing it never seems to happen!


You are not alone. I hear you.

I get it, investing in yourself, when you've got so much proof that you've failed, is damn right scary!

That's why:

  • This is a proven program designed by a real woman for real women! I was 70lbs overweight and depressed in my body with no clue how to get a handle on it!
  • We cover the realities of your life, ensuring that yo can go out each weekend, enjoy your birthday, head for a beach holiday and never feel scared that you will put weight back on.
  • We focus on the route cause of your weight or body shape struggles, we work from the core out, so that your “problem” of weight never comes back.
  • We get out of mindset that teaches you that you have to give up, restrict and be “all in” in order to lose weight. All my clients manage it and still enjoy cake and steak!
  • You learn how to identify the chain of events that make you reach for food at the wrong times – and interrupt the pattern
  • You learn how to train your body to burn fat, not muscle
  • How to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones
  • The proven formula for conditioning your mind for success.
  • My goal is to strip away all of the unnecessary “rules” and help you create a plan you can commit to so you can unleash a fitter, happier, and healthier version of yourself in just 90 days.

Now it's your turn

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