You work hard to keep your diet healthy and nutritious. You exercise almost every day to keep your body in shape. So, why are you gaining weight? 

It doesn’t make sense! Well, the truth is that it does not always make sense. Some of us gain weight even though we watch what we eat and exercise regularly. This is because there are things called “hidden calories” which we need to understand before they lead to any weight gain.

If you want to stop gaining weight and start losing fat, read on as we explain why you might be gaining weight despite eating healthy and exercising. Read on to discover how you can lose weight by cutting out those hidden calories…


What Are Hidden Calories?

Hidden calories are calories that you don’t realize you are consuming. This happens because certain foods and drinks have more calories than you think. For example, an avocado has about 240 calories per serving. That’s about 15% of your daily calorie intake if you eat 2 avocados a day.

This is a significant amount of calories that you wouldn’t have realised you ate. You are not just eating one serving of avocado, but five or six servings of avocado. This is why you gain weight even though you eat healthy and exercise regularly. Hidden calories creep into your diet in many ways.

Hidden calories are found in many common food items. This includes sugary foods, processed foods, and even some healthy foods. They are often found in pre-packaged foods, mixes, and drinks. The amount of hidden calories in these foods can be surprisingly high.


How Do You Gain Weight From Hidden Calories?

Many of us make the mistake of thinking that simply eating healthy will cut down on weight gain. But, eating healthy foods may not always result in a lower weight. This is because eating healthy foods with high-calorie density may lead to weight gain.

Simply put, you are eating too many calories. The best way to avoid gaining weight even when you eat healthily is to make sure you are watching your portion sizes. This is the key to managing hidden calories in your diet to prevent weight gain. For example, if you are eating a bowl of rice as a side dish to your main meal, you would need about one cup of rice. But, if you are eating two cups of rice, then you are eating double the calories. Simply double-checking the amount of servings you are eating can help you manage the calories in your diet. This will help you prevent weight gain.


Processed Foods

It is a common misconception that eating processed foods is healthy. But, it isn’t. 

A recent study found that eating just one serving of processed foods per day can increase your risk of diabetes by as much as 35%. This is primarily because processed foods are high in sugar and sodium.

There are many hidden calories in processed foods. And, you don’t even need to eat a whole bag of chips to be eating more than you would like. Just one handful is enough. For example, one serving of potato chips contains about 160 calories. One serving of corn chips contains approximately 150 calories.

Similarly, one serving of cheese crackers contains approximately 150 calories. This is almost 20% of your daily calorie intake. These are just a few examples of how excess hidden calories from processed foods can add up quickly. This can quickly lead to weight gain if you are not careful.


Sugary Foods

Sugary foods, like candy, pastries, and soda are obvious sources of hidden calories. But, they are not the only ones. Some fruit juices, even though they are natural, also have a lot of hidden calories. 

One of the most surprising sources of hidden calories is honey. One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories. This is almost half of your daily calorie intake. Similarly, one tablespoon of maple syrup contains 66 calories. This is almost the same amount of calories you get from one tablespoon of honey. One tablespoon of molasses contains 66 calories too.

All of these are examples of sugary foods that contain a lot of hidden calories. It is easy to add up these calories without even realizing it. This can lead to weight gain if you are not careful.


Research Shows That Eating Healthy Is The Only Way To Stop Gaining Weight, Right?

Many people think that eating healthy is the only way to stop gaining weight. But, that is not the case.

You don’t have to eat healthy just so that your weight doesn’t increase. You can eat whatever you want, provided you exercise regularly. This is because exercise is a great way to burn off excess calories. The calories you eat are transformed into energy. 

This energy powers various functions in your body. When you eat more calories than you need, they get transformed into fats. These fats are stored in your body and lead to weight gain. This is why you need to burn off excess calories to prevent weight gain. Exercising regularly and burning as many calories as you can is one of the best ways to prevent weight gain.


Bottom Line

Eating healthy doesn’t always mean that you won’t gain weight. In fact, it is quite possible to gain weight even when you are eating healthy. You can prevent this from happening by managing your portion sizes and cutting down on sugary and sugary foods. Regular exercise can also help you burn off excess calories to prevent weight gain.