The word “metabolism” has become a buzzword in fitness circles. But is it possible to hack your metabolism? The answer is yes. And I’m not talking about some kind of fad diet or exercise plan that promises the ability to eat whatever you want and still lose weight. I mean real science-based strategies that can help you lose weight and keep it off: That’s what this article is all about! So let’s dive right in, shall we?

What is metabolism?

Metabolism is the process by which your body converts food into energy. This chemical energy allows you to function and stay alive, but it can also be changed if you’re not getting enough of the right kind of fuel.

Metabolism is a complex system of chemical reactions that occur in every cell of your body to provide energy for your body to function. The rate at which these reactions take place depends on many factors, including age, gender and genetics—but one thing remains true: no matter what stage you’re in right now (if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding), there will always be room for improvement!

How metabolism changes

Your metabolism changes with age. As you get older, your body will naturally start to slow down. This is why it’s important to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly throughout your life—to keep up with the natural aging process, or even prevent it from happening at all!

Metabolism also changes when you lose weight or gain weight: The more muscle mass you have on top of the fat stored in your body (which has been linked to lower levels of leptin), the less efficient those muscles are at using oxygen and calories as fuel. So if someone loses 20 pounds over six months but still feels hungry after meals because their metabolism hasn’t adapted yet (and maybe hasn’t been active since losing that much weight), then they might not be able to keep up with their new energy needs without some help from an appetite suppressant pill like Phentermine (which I don’t recommend).

Things that influence your metabolism

The first thing to keep in mind is that your metabolism is influenced by many factors. For example, the amount of food you eat, how much exercise and sleep you get, how stressed out or relaxed you feel—and most importantly—how much caffeine or other stimulants (such as alcohol) are consumed on a daily basis.

This can be hard to believe for someone who has tried dieting for years without any results. But the truth is that some people simply have a fast-acting metabolism while others do not; so if one person eats three meals per day while another person eats only one meal per day but exercises more than twice as much each week, chances are their bodies’ metabolic rates will be different from one another’s because of their respective lifestyles and habits!

How to hack your weight-loss metabolism

To hack your weight-loss metabolism, you need to eat more protein and avoid sugar and refined carbs. You should also eat more fibre and exercise regularly. Sleep enough for a good night’s rest is important too. Stress can make it hard for you to lose weight by increasing cortisol levels which makes it harder for your body to burn fat as fuel instead of storing it (1). If you’re stressed out all the time, try taking some time off from work or school for a short period of time each week so that you don’t feel overwhelmed when trying to get healthy again after returning home from vacation or leave early from work every morning so that there’s less pressure on getting everything done before leaving again right after lunchtime! Lastly: drink lots of water throughout the day because dehydration increases cravings while also making us hungrier due to lackadaisical eating habits caused by being unable


As you can see, there are many misconceptions when it comes to the process of losing weight and increasing metabolic rate. While some methods may seem foreign or even risky at first glance, they’re actually relatively simple and safe if you follow the right steps.

Before embarking on a diet plan or regimen though, it’s important for anyone who wants to lose weight fast and increase their metabolism to read up and learn everything about the right way of hacking your metabolism. Interested in making a big change in your health and lifestyle? Message Rita today to get started.