Have you ever wondered why some people seem to live happier, more fulfilled lives? The answer might surprise you.

Giving is the secret to living. It’s not just a nice thing to do, it’s the way we were meant to live our lives. When you give to others in a genuine way, you are learning something about yourself. You are discovering that it is in giving that we truly receive. Maybe it is not what we give or how much we receive but how much we have learned as a result of giving that matters most after all.

The common thread of all these sources is simply this: from a soulful perspective, you can release your worries and bask in the simple pleasures of putting others first. In this article, let’s dive down deep into the wonderful effects giving does to your life.

Boosts Happiness and Health

Giving makes you feel good about yourself. The research shows that giving makes you feel good about yourself and others; it boosts your confidence and self-esteem, improves your relationships with others, and helps you lead a healthier life overall.

The simple act of giving something away can make you feel good, even if the gift you’re giving isn’t the most expensive or valuable thing in the world.

Giving makes people happier than receiving in almost every circumstance — from a small gift to a large one — according to research by psychologist Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania.

His studies show that people who receive gifts grow happier, more satisfied with their lives and more likely to make charitable donations than those who don’t receive gifts at all. Giving can be as simple as buying someone your favourite coffee in the morning, or it can be as big as giving up your time to help a friend in need.

Giving also helps people sleep better at night. People who give away money report less stress than those who hold onto it, according to a study published in Psychological Science by Dan Ariely, professor at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business.

Builds Strong Relationships

When you give a gift, it’s not just about you — it’s about connecting with someone else and making their day better. It’s about showing that you care about them and their happiness. Giving a gift helps build stronger relationships with the people who receive it because they know how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you.

Remember that the best relationships are the ones that give. When you give, you are showing your love and care for someone else without expecting any return. You are trying to show that you want them to succeed in life as well. It builds a sense of trust because it shows that you trust the other person enough to share something with them that may be personal or private.

Can Strengthen Communities

Giving is powerful. You can make a difference by giving what you have. When you give to the vulnerable, you are giving a gift that goes far beyond the monetary value itself.  You can help the community in several ways:

  • Supporting your local community centre or school.
  • Providing funds for an organization that is doing good work in your area.
  • Helping people who need assistance, like those who need help feeding their families or those who have lost their jobs and can no longer afford to pay rent or utilities.
  • Helping people who are living on the streets, at risk of being victimized or abused by others.
  • Donating blood means saving a life of someone who direly needs it.

Imagine the effect of giving to the community. Little actions could ripple a positive change in society. Through giving, you change lives, and better the community in which you benefit as well. Don’t be afraid to get involved in your local community. Make a difference by giving and helping them build their reputation or expand their services to meet the needs of their community members.

You are Learning Something About Yourself.

What do you think? Is it possible that we are learning more about ourselves by giving than by receiving? We may not be aware of this when we begin our giving, but if we continue to give, then there will come a day when we realize that without the act of giving, there would not have been a chance for us to learn so much about ourselves.

You are learning what so many others have learned, and you are discovering that it is in giving that we truly receive. Maybe it is not for what we give or for how much we receive, but for how much we have learned as a result. We are learning to be content in life, and just have empathy for people who need our help.

You are learning to trust your heart and let go of your fears. You are learning to listen to the voice within that has a million reasons why you can’t do it right now, but none of those reasons matters because YOU ARE GOING TO DO IT!


It’s not yet too late to start giving. It’s never too late to change your life. You can make a difference in someone else’s life. You can give someone a hug, just by being there for them, saying hello and listening with an open heart. You can help someone by paying it forward, or by sending a kind note.

It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, rich or poor, famous or anonymous. You can do something for others that will make a difference in their lives. You don’t have to be perfect, but you must start somewhere. And if you keep at it every day for just one week, you will soon see results!

Giving is the secret to living. It’s that simple. You might not know it yet, but as you grow into your own life, you will learn that giving is what we all should be doing. Giving with love and compassion is the way to live a happy, fulfilled life. And having a happy and fulfilled life, means a healthier mind, soul, and spirit—all equals longevity.