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Learn How to Master Your Body And Hormones

Fully balance your body to work as efficiently as it can.

Create The Illusive "Work Life Balance" You Crave

Learn our proprietary CTM method for time management

Learn Maintenance and A Life of Living (NOT Losing)

How to sustain your ultimate physique without stress, now that you have achieved it.

What Is The Life Collective All About?

Do You Want To Feel Like Donna?

Who finally achieved the body that she wanted at the age of 50.

We Focus In This Programme on both Body AND Life Coaching....

Having an extraordinary body needs an extraordinary life to match....

Learn how to maintain your healthy lifestyle naturally.

Learn how to create habits that don’t need thinking about. How to sustain a new identity that means you don’t have to constantly “think” about your choices and body.

Master the art of hormone balance, nutrition, body fat storage, neuro-associative conditioning, habit creation and instant energy.

95% of women who lose weight, gain it back within 2 years. With TLC, you are assured to be in the top 5% who keep it off for life!

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Emotional Freedom + Creating Time= Body / Life Transformation

We will create more time for what truly matters to you. Using the scientifically-proven Change Time Management Method (CTM), you will learn the strategies I use to manage my business, my personal relationships and my strenuous schedule of travel.

The strategies taught in this program will free you from endless to-do lists and instead put your focus on purposeful action that drives real, consistent results.

You’ll learn to stop focusing on what you have to do and start focusing on what you want to achieve.

As you transform your stress into drive, and planning into massive action, you will begin to see tangible results such as higher levels of productivity, deeper satisfaction with your work and more effective decision-making.

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What You'll Discover...

CTM Method - Manage Time

  • How to vanquish patterns of stress and replace them with patterns of fulfilment
  • The power of purpose and what it can do for you
  • Key strategies that allow you to achieve balance in your personal life and career
  • How to replace your “to-do” list with a daily plan that guarantees accomplishment
  • Why your outcomes must drive your choices rather than your choices driving your outcomes.
  • Learn to succeed and grow in every area of your life, and create balance within all areas of work, body and family.
  • Focus on Body / Balance / Business / Being as the 4 pillars to your next steps.

Emotional Freedom

  • How to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones
  • The proven formula for conditioning your mind for success
  • How to overcome any fear holding you back
  • How to inspire confidence in yourself every day
  • The secret to solving problems quickly and efficiently
  • Learn to instantly change your emotional state
  • Understand how to feed your feelings in healthy and progressive ways
  • Learn how to understand the messages your emotions are sending you and how to adapt your life to evolve them
  • Learn how to eat for gut health to increase emotional and cognitive function.

Body Freedom

  • How to master your maintenance.
  • How to identify the chain of events that make you reach for food at the wrong times – and interrupt the pattern
  • How to train your body to burn fat, not muscle
  • Why extreme, low-calorie diets cause you to gain more weight in the long run
  • The Principles of Living Health
  • How to maintain a balance of acidity and alkalinity for optimal digestion and a healthy gut
  • How to improve serotonin production through the gut-brain axis.
  • What truly motivates you – and how to leverage your own mindset to improve your physique

Relationship Freedom

  • How to effectively communicate based on the 6 C’s of Needs psychology
  • What sexual polarity is and how it creates both balance and spark in a relationship
  • How to improve the relationship you have with yourself
  • What it is you truly want from a relationship — and how to get it
  • How to strengthen your bond with your partner — even in times of stress
  • How to rekindle a passionate relationship even if it has been stagnant for years
  • How to ensure that your relationship with your partner endures
  • How to have a healthy sex life

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  • TLC is designed to work for women who have come through different journeys in The Health and Fitness Coach Family. This means there are varied options to make sure that the next step is the right one for you.
  • We outline what you want the next 6 months to look like and we adapt the program, if necessary, to ensure your goals and needs are met.
  • If we are both happy with the plan, and space is available, then we can get you going on TLC straight away.
  • If TLC is full (as there is limited availability) we get you on the waiting list to be next up!


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