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Learn How to Create Your Ideal Body

Lose weight for life with personalized programs

Undo, and let go of, past habits, behaviours and emotions

Learn how to overcome the triggers that cause you to emotionally eat and gain weight

Understand your INDIVIDUAL body and your needs

Bespoke nutrition and guidance that is based on you, and nobody else, so you know it will work in your lifestyle.

My Clients Work With Me Because....

Do You Want To Feel Like Sophie?

And lose weight for the first time ever (from the very first week! by making just one or two simple changes)

Do You Want To Feel Like Kerry?

Without giving up your favourite foods or getting lost in calorie counting overwhelm

Does any of thisFeel Familiar:

  • You’ve never had a good relationship with your body?
  • You criticize your weight no matter what; even when you look back at pictures of yourself in your 20s and think “I was slim, why was I so unhappy with my body?”
  • You emotionally eat and struggle to stay away from food when your feeling stressed, sad, tired, overwhelmed, anxious or even happy and celebratory?
  • You feel sluggish every day and have lost the motivation to bother or to believe that you can really change.
  • You hate what you see in the mirror, but can never seem to change it.
  • Your body doesn’t match the woman you feel you are – you feel disconnected from it.
  • You have tried so many different fads that you can’t remember NOT being on a diet (and probably tried your first as a teenager)
  • You used to like exercise, but you can’t seem to find anything you enjoy or can stick to now.
  • You are sure that your hormones and metabolism are completely shot and have no clue how to improve them.
  • Losing weight feels so complicated that you don’t have time to DO all the things you need to, to achieve it.
  • You feel vulnerable talking about your weight and facing up to your body image anxieties, because it should be simple right?
  • You have tried so many different things and spent so much money on diets, PTs, programs and pills that you are skeptical that anything will work.
  • You know WHAT to do, but implementing it never seems to happen!


You are not alone. I hear you.

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The Health Collective is for You If:

  • You want to lose up to 28lbs in 3 months without restricting yourself or being a slave to exercise.
  • You want to learn how to sustain your results for life, and never need another weight loss program again.
  • You are at a point where something has to change, because it’s impacting your relationship, work, family or self-confidence.
  • You have minimal time and need something that tailors to your life, and fits in with you are your specific needs.
  • You can commit to 1 hour session per week, plus 15 minutes a day to implement the changes.
  • You’re ready to be your best self and let go of the past that is holding you back.
  • You want a proven-system that details exactly what you need to do and how, as well as some 1 on 1 time with Rita and a small group of other VIPs to keep you accountable 24/7
  • You’re willing to go step-by-step and do the 1 or 2 things that are effective, not waste your time on 100 things that won’t work for you.
  • You have had a past wound, trauma or experience that has an impact on how you treat your body:

Whether it be adoption, abandonment, abusive relationships, a sister you were always compared to, a mother or father who always commented on your weight, been bullied or gone through domestic or sexual abuse.

  • You are ready to change your body and life for good (not just for now.)

This Health Collective is NOT for You If:

  • You’re not willing to participate in the VIP Group and share your wins and challenges with the other women
  • You don’t want to look inwardly and reflect on the behaviours and beliefs that are not serving you or your body.
  • You want a quick fix or a pill to do the work for you.
  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself to achieve permanent results
  • You’re not willing to be kept accountable 24/7 by your VIP coach and the other women in your group.
  • You’re not ready to explore the challenges you have faced up until now.
  • You’re not ready to create an extraordinary life of freedom, both emotionally and physically.
  • You’re not ready to believe in yourself that you CAN lose weight, especially with weekly small group coaching, and 24/7 support from your VIP coach.
  • You’re not coachable or willing to forget all the restrictive diet BS that you’ve learnt from Instafamous 20 somethings.

Work with, NOT AGAINST your body...

We are all about results, not over-complicated plans…


Throughout years of dieting, most women have damaged their hormone cycles and metabolism and even looking at a carbohydrate puts 3lbs onto their belly! We look at healing the body to make it more efficient and effective at burning fat and building strength so that you can eat all the foods you love without having to worry.

With The Health Collective VIP Small Group Coaching you will learn how YOUR body works. How to balance YOUR hormones, how to eat the right foods for YOU, how to move in a way that gets YOU results. This is bespoke and unique to YOU>

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#1 Tailored Nutrition Coaching

**Bespoke To You**

  • Specific guidance on exactly how to eat for your body type, metabolism and fat storage.
  • No meal plans that you might get bored of, eat with freedom and ease by understanding how to vary every day without confusion
  • Never have to cut out your favourite foods, learn how to lose weight and still have your takeaway or date night out.
  • Learn how to adjust for different phases of your life – as you age, as you change. Understand how your body reacts to food.
  • Fits in with your lifestyle – if you only have 10 mins to eat no problem. Equally, if you love cooking lets get you enjoying it in a healthy way.
  • Weekly step-by-step guidance, so that you don’t feel like you have to make massive changes. Feel that everything is manageable and easy to fit in.
  • Designed around you and your family, travel, work and lifestyle. We tailor everything to suit and educate and empower you to take it further beyond the program.

#2 Emotional Eating and Trigger Coaching

**Learn To Let Go**

  • Learn how to discover your triggers and YOUR particular reasons for emotional eating.
  • Find other ways to feed your feelings, without using food as a source of comfort, distraction or celebration.
  • Learn how to rid yourself of cravings, by identifying the emotional or physiological root cause. 
  • Learn to identify and let go of the past ties that have led to your emotional eating habits at present.
  • Overcome food addictions, by emotionally and hormonally resetting your body.
  • Be open and honest in a space of non-judgment and safety. Realise that you are not alone in your feelings and I will be there for you individually to face the realities of the situation and move through them.
  • Overcome stress eating, boredom eating, lonely eating, sad eating, anxiety eating, happy eating, distraction eating, overwhelm eating and trauma eating. BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR CHOICES!

#3 Private App and Client Portal

**For Instant and Private Access to Your Coach**

  • Private app so that you can take everything you need with you at home, at work or on holiday.
  • Have instant access to your program, coach, questions, answers and support.
  • Direct messaging with Rita (only available to her VIP and 1:1 clients)
  • Always know exactly what to do everyday of the program.
  • Bespoke structure – no one group program is exactly the same as it is tailored to you by Rita.

#4 Bespoke Exercise Programs

**Only Do What You Love**

  • Exercise and movement that is designed to fit in with your specific lifestyle and timeframes.
  • NEVER do anything that you don’t enjoy. If you love zumba – cool. If you want to go swimming – great. If you don’t like something, you won’t be asked to do it!
  • Tailored to target your specific body type, metabolic rate and hormone balance. Don’t waste hours doing exercise that doesn’t work. Only do what is effective for you.
  • No need for a gym or equipment. Everything will be designed so that you can do it anywhere you feel comfortable.
  • Starts off at your current level and slowly progresses week by week. Don’t feel overwhelmed that you have to do it all at once. Small steps every week.
  • Learn to love movement as a part of your daily life. Create exercise as a part of your identity and learn how to NEVER need motivation again to get up and do it!
  • Reshape your metabolism and waistline as well as toning up. 

#5 Weekly Private Group Coaching Sessions

**Intimate and Direct Coaching from Rita Every Week**

  • Weekly calls with Rita and the VIPs. You will receive direct coaching every week from Rita on you and your specific goals.
  • Be kept accountable and supported every step of the way, and learn to trust your body again.
  • Listen to the other VIPs being coached as well, and experience the “magic” of indirect coaching through listening and engagement.
  • As close to 1:1 as you can get without signing up to Premium Partnership.
  • All the women are in the same age, life stage and position as you, so feel completely surrounded by like-minded women.
  • Get to the bottom of your eating habits, behaviours and mindset, with habit change coaching, emotional coaching as well as learning the science behind why your body is doing what it is doing so that you can learn to fix it without Rita’s help in future!

#6 Private VIP and 24/7 Support

**Accountability and Support Every Day**

  • 24/7 access to your VIP group, as well as Rita herself.
  • Be surrounded by like-minded women in an intimate setting.
  • Be surrounded by friends – with such a small group, we become like sisters.
  • A place of safety and non-judgement, ask anything – about your weight journey, relationships, career, hormones or family. We are hear to listen!
  • Learn other women’s methods for dealing with challenges in their own lives and implement alongside the program.

#7 CHAN6E System for Permanent Habit Change

**Learn My Trademarked 6-Step System**

  • Learn how to never need another weight loss program again.
  • Learn the 6 steps to changing old habits for good, and maintaining new ones for life.
  • Be empowered to be free of the yo-yo dieting once and for all.
  • Understand how to rewire your brain with Neural-Associative Conditioning.
  • The system that has helped hundreds of women – we check in on them 5 years later too!

What's Included:

  • Weekly VIP Small Group Coaching in an intimate session with Rita and a few other women.
  • Tailored nutritional guidance and planning for you and your lifestyle without giving up your favourite foods. Learn how to make 1 or 2 changes that are tailored to you and watch the lbs melt away.
  • Tailored movement and exercise programming so that you can actually workout in a way that you enjoy and you can fit in with your busy schedule.
  • Trademarked CHAN6E 6-step system for permanent habit change and weight loss.
  • Private Client Portal with access to our proven system designed by women for women.
  • Private Support Community with 24/7 Access and Accountability with the VIPs and with Rita!
  • Direct in depth coaching every week about you and your specific needs and goals and challenges.
  • A total mental reset. We use neurological associative conditioning to rewire your mindset so that you create a new normal and new version of you (never go back to the old habits again!)
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No worries or Risk With Our:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do everything the program has to offer and don’t get the results you want, we will work with you for free until you do. It’s guaranteed to work if you do.

Lose Up To 28lbs in 12 Weeks

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I get it, investing in yourself, when you've got so much proof that you've failed, is damn right scary!

That's why:

  • This is a proven program designed by a real woman for real women! I was 70lbs overweight and depressed in my body with no clue how to get a handle on it!
  • We cover the realities of your life, ensuring that yo can go out each weekend, enjoy your birthday, head for a beach holiday and never feel scared that you will put weight back on.
  • We focus on the route cause of your weight or body shape struggles, we work from the core out, so that your “problem” of weight never comes back.
  • We get out of mindset that teaches you that you have to give up, restrict and be “all in” in order to lose weight. All my clients manage it and still enjoy cake and steak!
  • You learn how to identify the chain of events that make you reach for food at the wrong times – and interrupt the pattern
  • You learn how to train your body to burn fat, not muscle
  • How to eliminate harmful thoughts and replace them with empowering ones
  • The proven formula for conditioning your mind for success.
  • My goal is to strip away all of the unnecessary “rules” and help you create a plan you can commit to so you can unleash a fitter, happier, and healthier version of yourself in just 90 days.

Now it's your turn

Become a VIP today and change your life and body forever.

With our guarantee, it’s a no-brainer! Be like the hundreds of other women who took action and made the choice to change.

You and your body deserve to be the lean, confident and best version of you.

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