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40% OFF – Get all 4 of our favourite challenges in one, and save yourself a ton!

  • 10- Day “Purge The Toxins” Detox
  • 30-Day “Heal Your Hormones” Plant Based Challenge
  • 6-Week “Balance The Bloat” Body Challenge
  • Little Black Dress Project

✅ 10- Day “Purge The Toxins” Detox

This 10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox has been carefully designed to help you rid your body of built-up toxins and wastes, balance your hormones, boost your energy levels, and feed and fuel your body so you feel ridiculously amazing.

✅ 30-Day “Heal Your Hormones” Plant Based Challenge

You will develop new, healthy lifestyle habits while eating whole, plant-based foods in place of processed carbs, refined sugar, and unhealthy fats that’ll last … Healing your hormones – estrogen, progesterone, ghrelin, insulin and resetting your menopausal body. The Secret to Resetting Your Metabolism and Burning Fat.

6-Week “Balance The Bloat” Body Challenge

This 6 week challenge eliminates bloating & reduces inflammation (without starve-yourself-juicing techniques). A plan to beat bloat, burn fat, flush toxins and clear up your skin. This is designed to create weight loss whilst reducing the uncomfortable middle and bulging belly.

Little Black Dress Project

The Original Little Black Dress Project – my favourite of all the challenges. This is designed to carve your core into a beautiful feminine curve, losing the lumps and bumps. Go from menopausal bulge to toned and taut in that figure hugging LBD for the next event, feeling sexy and desirable with a curve to die for! It is the secret weapon I use every Christmas and New Year!


Amazing Value for Money – the Four Programs will change your life!!

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