The Original Little Black Dress Project – my favourite of all the challenges. This is designed to carve your core into a beautiful feminine curve, losing the lumps and bumps. Go from menopausal bulge to toned and taut in that figure hugging LBD for the next event, feeling sexy and desirable with a curve to die for! It is the secret weapon I use every Christmas and New Year!

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If you let it, The Little Black Dress Project can truly change your life.

This is NOT just a 6-week transformation challenge. It’s going to be an eye-opening and empowering experience.

The Little Black Dress Project is about
developing an inner confidence to make
you feel strong, sexy, and UNSTOPPABLE.

Our goal is to not only help you lose weight, tone up, and look absolutely AMAZING in that little black dress of
yours in 42 days, but it is designed to help you to feel beautiful and confident in your own skin.


Here are just a few things that will happen wen you sign up to The Little Black Dress Project:


✅ You will cleanse and detoxify your body of impurities, chemicals, and artificial toxins.
✅ You will create new and healthy habits to replace your not-so-sexy ones.
✅ You will FINALLY kick your cravings and you will restore your body back to the way it is designed to function.
✅ You will learn how easy it is to make a healthy and delicious meal so you don’t get trapped into eating something not conducive to your goals.
✅ Your body will learn how to optimize its fat-burning potential so you no longer have to hide behind your clothes and can always find something to wear in your closet.
✅ You will be a part of an amazing group of women working towards the same goals that you are.


You will have EVERYTHING mapped out for you to be successful.

You don’t have to think about it, you just need to DO it.


Get “Little Black Dress” ready in just 42 days! 💃

For anyone who finds themselves dieting or going to extremes before an event, holiday, or special occasion… The Little Black Dress Project can help!

This 42-day transformation is designed to:


✔️ Give you a foundation of SUSTAINABLE nutrition and fitness habits that eliminate yo-yo dieting 

✔️ Help you achieve NOTICEABLE results you can actually maintain

✔️ And gives you SO many ways to fit your new, healthy habits into any budget or busy schedule


Want to see some amazing success stories and learn how it works? 

Join Us Today!

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