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Tailored hormonal testing and supplement stack (1 month supply) usually £595. We provide you with a female centered at home test to give us a full breakdown of your current nutritional, hormonal and health status. We then tailor your supplements to have the best possible effect to balance your hormones, energy and health. A full analysis and at home test is required prior to stack creation and 1 month supply being sent out. (Only available in the UK and Ireland.) Add on now and get £150 off.

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  • Monthly Recipe Books and Follow Along Videos (New ones every month you’re with us)
  • Meal Plans with full macro-nutritional and calorie break down for different targets
  • Full Weekly Meal Plan Shopping Lists
  • On-Demand Exercise Programs Designed Specifically For Women to Lose Fat and Tone Up Key Body Areas. Focusing On Bingo Wings, Belly, Hips and Thighs. (New ones every month you’re with us)
  • Monthly Coaching Guide Covering Everything From Hormone Balance to Motivation to Emotional Eating to Habit Creation (New ones every month your with us)
  • Private Support Community with 24/7 Access and Accountability with The Family!
  • Live Q&A Sessions Every Month With Rita To Directly Answer Any Questions You Have About Your Specific Journey Along With Masterclasses for Women’s Weight Loss and Body Composition. 
  • Complete Success Guide for Lifetime Results
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