Get an advanced picture of your hormone health with tests for your female and male hormones and a full thyroid function panel with antibodies.

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Either a qualified nurse will visit you in your home to collect your blood sample from a vein in your arm. OR if you arrange your own, then you must make your own appointment at a phlebotomy clinic to have your blood sample taken from a vein in your arm. We’ll send you everything you need for the clinic to collect your sample and for you to return it. You will need to arrange your own appointment and will be responsible for any additional fees incurred.



Advanced Female Hormone and Menopause Blood Test

Get an advanced picture of your hormone health with tests for your female and male hormones and a full thyroid function panel with antibodies.

Is it for you?

Do you experience irregular or heavy periods, weight gain and mood swings and want to check whether your hormones might be the cause? With our test, you can look into your menopausal status and check your thyroid health.

Our advanced hormone panel is ideal if you’d like to learn whether your hormones are normal for your stage of life or for more specific reasons, like if you’re planning to start a family and want a thorough hormone MOT.

*A doctor’s and health coach’s comments are included in this test

What can I learn from this test?

With our advanced profile, you can look at the hormones that govern your reproductive system, including hormones that support the maturation and release of a healthy egg for ovulation and conception. It also includes a full thyroid function test with thyroid antibodies to give you a complete view of your thyroid hormones.

Hormone balance is also important for mood, energy, weight and bone health. You may want to test your hormones to see if a hormone decline or imbalance could be causing symptoms such as irregular periods, mood swings, and male characteristics (acne and male pattern hair growth associated with polycystic ovaries). By including a free androgen index (FAI), we can calculate the amount of testosterone that is available to your cells. High levels of male androgens can be associated with polycystic ovary syndrome.

Why does it test my thyroid function?

Many of the symptoms of unbalanced or declining hormones that come with age can be similar to symptoms of an underactive thyroid. Thyroid disorders affect more women than men and are often caused by an autoimmune condition – when the body’s antibodies start attacking the thyroid gland. Our test identifies whether your thyroid is functioning normally or whether an autoimmune condition could be causing symptoms.

Elevated thyroid antibodies are also associated with an increased risk of miscarriage, even if your thyroid hormones are within the normal range. An under-treated thyroid disorder can increase risks to the mother and the foetus in pregnancy.

When should take this test?

This test should be taken on day three of your cycle, three days after your period has started – although it can be taken on days two, four, or five. Our doctors will interpret your results and let you know whether your hormone levels are normal for the stage of your cycle and your age.

Please note that any hormones you take for contraception or hormone replacement therapy (HRT) will influence your results. If you are looking for a true picture of your natural hormone status, please take this test at least 12 weeks after stopping any hormone replacement or contraceptive pill, implant, or hormone IUD. If you are premenopausal and do not wish to become pregnant, please use an alternative non-hormonal form of contraception. If you have not been through menopause, we suggest waiting until your periods have re-established a regular cycle (for you) before taking this test.

How to prepare for your test

Prepare for your Advanced Female Hormone Blood Test by following these instructions. Please take your sample before 10am. Take this test two to five days after the start of your period, ideally on day three. It can be taken any time if you do not have periods. Hormonal contraception can affect this test, taking a break from this and using barrier contraception will give more accurate results. You should take this test before you take any medication or vitamin/mineral supplements. Do not take biotin supplements for two days before this test, discuss this with your doctor if it is prescribed. If you use hormone gels, pessaries, patches, or tablets, we strongly recommend selecting a venous sample to minimise contamination sometimes seen with finger-prick tests. Otherwise, administer any hormone supplements using gloves, and make sure your fingers have not been in contact with hormone supplements for at least four weeks before taking the test. Hormones can be absorbed deep within the skin even after minimal contact and remain there for weeks despite vigorous handwashing.

Biomarkers Tested

Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Luteinising Hormone (LH)



Free Androgen Index


Thyroglobulin Antibodies

Thyroid Peroxidase Antiobodies

Sex hormone binding globulin

Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH)

Triiodothyronine (T3)

Free Thyroxine (T4)

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