This 6 week challenge eliminates bloating & reduces inflammation (without starve-yourself-juicing techniques). A plan to beat bloat, burn fat, flush toxins and clear up your skin. This is designed to create weight loss whilst reducing the uncomfortable middle and bulging belly.

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Our 6-Week “Beat the Bloat” Total Body Transformation will create MASSIVE changes in your body and how you approach it. It is designed by women for women, who have experienced the bulging belly and middle-aged spread.
This program will help you reset your gut and reduce your belly fat and bulge.
You will learn how to fuel your body with nutrition that will not starve you or leave you feeling deprived, but will nourish your body in the way it needs post 40 to fully balance and heal the flab!
We will focus on several areas in this transformation:
❤️ Habits and hormones
❤️ How to eat the right balance of protein, carbs and fats
❤️ How to create lifestyle changes
❤️ How to reduce inflammation
❤️ How to increase energy
❤️ How to love your lifestyle!
❤️ How to have fun whilst losing weight! (And eat TASTY food!)
This 6-Week Transformation Program will create results to burn fat, reduce bloating and rev up your metabolism.
You will learn how to beat the belly bloat and increase your energy through nutrition.
This program will cover:
  •  Are You Ready to Make Big Changes
  • ​The Nitty Gritty You Need to Know
  • ​The First 2 Days of Your Challenge
  • ​Protein Builds Your Body Good
  • ​Fabulous Fats
  • ​Sugar Isn’t That Sweet
  • ​How Much Water Should I Drink?
  • ​Personalizing Your Plan
  • ​Challenge Guidelines
  • ​How To Handle Cheat Meals
  • ​Supplements & Swaps
  • ​More Ways to Personalize Your Plan
  • ​Have Fun & Get It Done
  • ​And SO MUCH MORE …
This is a program all about creating life-time results by focusing on the changes that you can make that are sustainable and realistic
and designed for women struggling with bloated belly, middle-aged spread and decreased energy and metabolism. 
You will get:
  • 6-Weeks of Dietician-Approved Meal Guides
  • ​6 Weekly Print-n-Go Grocery Lists
  • Complete Success Manual
  • ​Over 60 Delicious & Easy to Make Recipes
  • “Dining Out” Swap Guide
  • Challenge Measurement Doc
  • Complete Client Checklist for Success
  • 6-Week Access To Our Private Community (where you can ask Rita as many questions as you like!)
***6 Weeks to beat the bloat!! You joining us?***
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