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3 Month fitness and diet plan for women

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Learn How to Develop and Sustain Your Desired Body Shape

Vanquish patterns of stress and replace them with patterns of fulfilment to lose weight happily! We offer a long term, sustainable weight loss plan.

This personalised sustainable fat loss strategy allows you to achieve balance in your personal life, self-care and career

Never feel guilty again that you are taking time for you. Created by women’s diet and fitness coach Rita Trotter at her home in Suffolk, this bespoke plan is available online, to access wherever you are.

Unlimited potential weight loss and body physique conditioning.

Once I know exactly what you want (even if you think it isn't possible) I make sure we get you there through this personalised diet plan.

This Is Why EmilyDid 1:1 Coaching...

Watch this video to learn about Emily’s journey to long-term sustainable weight loss

And Her Results....

Do You Want To Feel Like Sam?

And shift your mindset IMMEDIATELY with the most in depth coaching I offer.

Do You Want To Feel Like Donna?

And be in the BEST SHAPE of your life at 50, whilst re-discovering your passion for life?

Lifetime Results With A Coach Who Will Tailor Strategies To Maximise YOUR Potential

Why My Clients Work With Me ...

Through this women only diet plan, you will learn how to create a culture of excellence within your body that will become the new foundation for the relationship you have with yourself.

Optimise your physique step by step through this sustainable fat loss plan – each day, week, month will be adapted as you progress depending on where you are at and your needs at the time.

Focusing on the route cause of your weight or body shape struggles, this personalised diet plan helps you work from the core out, to understand and remedy the cause.

This way, your “problem” of weight can NEVER come back.

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No worries or Risk With Our:

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

90-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you do everything the program has to offer and don’t get the results you want, we will work with you for free until you do. It’s guaranteed to work if you do.

Premium Partnership Focuses on Your Individual Needs

The biggest revelation around food that you will learn with us is that there is no such thing good foods or bad foods. This is a women’s diet plan that looks nothing like a normal ‘diet’. 

Yes, you heard me.

Most women I work with 1:1 have been held hostage by the rules we create around food…societal or self-imposed pressures are destroying our ability to eat naturally.

Wouldn’t you agree?

So quick question…

Have diet restrictions helped or limited you? If you’ve tried diets that don’t work & broken more resolutions to go to the gym than you can count, my 1:1 online personalised diet program is just for you.

If you’re so tired of being tired, and feeling guilty about finding time for your own wellness, this is for you.

My custom 1:1 coaching program will allow you to finally intertwine health and sustainable weight loss into your busy life in a manageable way.

So, those rules that limit you so bad you feel like a victim…let me show you how to break them, still lose weight & feel better than you’ve ever felt.

Are you ready to free yourself?

1:1 is about creating a change of life, not just weight loss…


  • My signature private 1:1 long term fat loss coaching program, Premium Partnership, was created to help busy women to lose weight & beat emotional eating without ever giving up your favourite foods.

  • This online women’s diet plan is not strict or about restricting your food, it is all about understanding how your body reacts to food so that we can nourish it well.

  • I know from my own personal experience that you CAN lose weight (70lbs for me) and keep it off while still enjoying pizza and wine – my Friday night go-tos, because that’s what I’ve done for the past 7 years.

  • You never have to worry about being bored or fatigued with food, we create freedom to eat and enjoy it.

  • Through this sustainable fat loss plan, work with women with chronic illnesses, injuries, lower back problems, ME, MS, PCOS, fibromyalgia, Diabetes and many more individual circumstances.

  • This does not mean you need to be limited. We work with you to ensure that everything works for you.

  • Movement is tailored to ALL fitness levels and for ANY injury you may have… From beginners to experts… Bad knees to bad shoulders… We will help you find a way to safely exercise while having FUN.

  • My 1:1 personalised diet plan and fitness program is convenient and completely flexible, as opposed to adding more stress to your life.

  • I can work with you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and ensure that it is done on your schedule.

  • You will have 24/7 access to my support and accountability and first dibs on my calendar to book in with me every week.

  • Your COMFORT, SAFETY, and RESULTS are my #1 priorities through every step of the diet plan. We will start creating nutrition, exercise, and mindset habits that fit into the life you lead today… Whether that means you’re working 75 hours a week, or you’re caring for 3  kids at home (mine are all under 7, so I get ya!)

  • There will be some bumps in the road. After all, this is real life, and in real life there are always struggles that come up!

  • However, when those bumps happen, we will help you stay on track so that you continue to lose weight and crush your goals. You and I are in communication with each privately, so that you get the BEST support for your unique life.

  • When you lose your first 10 pounds, we will celebrate together! At that point, what makes us even more excited is that you’ll also begin to realise there are many more benefits to leading a healthy life than the number on the scale.

  • With this women’s diet plan, we don’t believe in following the hottest fads or trends. The habits or the nutrients that I help my clients to create and track are backed by science and proven by real people.

  • We believe that your sustainable fat loss plan and your habits should be unique to YOU. You deserve the best!

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  • If we feel we could be a good fit we book in an in depth Consultation, which is 45 minutes.
  • We look at exactly where you are, what your barriers are, the history that has led to this point and then what your ideal body would look like (not just in terms of weight, but shape, dress size, energy and vitality!)
  • We put together a plan to get you to that ideal in the best, quickest and most sustainable way possible.
  • If we are both happy with the plan, and space is available, then we can get you going 1:1 straight away.
  • If 1:1 is full (as there is extremaly limited availability) we can always look at other options or get you first dibs on the waiting list.


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