From Operator to Owner

Elite Level Coaching

Pinnacle is for you if you’re an expert coach, making £20,000/month or more and looking to scale to £50,000/month

Shifting from business operator to business owner
Creating a business that you don't need to BE IN.
Analyzing your specific money blockages.
Simplifying to scale - get your time back
Learn how to staff and outsource

Hiring Team Members

And making your business less dependent on you hustling

Scaling your client acquisition

While maintaining insanly high profit margins

How to be a CEO

Lead your team, make decisions, and move the needle forward


Outbound marketing and customer engagement


Being the overseer, and creating systems that others can learn and be directed from

Long Term Growth

Prediction and understanding the needs of the business in 6 months to a year, not just right now

What You'll Achieve

  • £50k/month business with very high net profit margins of at least 50-60%
  • Automated client acquisition with a simple funnel that’s run by your team.
  • Hire your dream team to help run the business and give you back time/space
  • Master your money, save on taxes, and understand how + when to be investing
  • Be top 1% in your industry and make a name for yourself and a leading expert

Learn from a coach who is consistently hitting £25-£50K per month

Within the first year, we were hitting £200k revenue and hiring 3 staff members. Staying ahead of the curve and predicting the needs of the business months in advance was key to this growth. This is what we share with you.

– Rita Trotter (Founder)


Tailored Plan

1:1 on-boarding call with to map a custom plan for the 6 months.


1x weekly 1:1 call on Zoom where we create focus and actionable steps


Get unlimited support 24/7 via the chats, and weekly calls.


Free tickets to select events we may host through the year.


Step-by-step video training and tools needed to scale to high 6 to 7-figure level.


SOPs, documents, systems provided for your business



Or instalment options


From Operator

To Owner