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Team Belief:

Activity without meaning is work.
Activity with meaning is passion.

Team Passion:

Growing others to be the person they are meant to be is to crack the atom.

Team Mission:

To be a forever student of what we love, to create extraordinary lives for extraordinary women.

Meet Rita

Founder, Head Coach and CEO

Rita started her own journey when she fell pregnant with her first child back in 2015. She put on 70lbs of weight during this time and felt completely demoralized, un-worthy, isolated and self-conscious. With no one out there who seemed to bring together everything from nutrition, to exercise, to mindset, habits, behaviours and lifestyle, Rita decided to do her Diploma in Nutrition, Personal Training, Hormone Balance and Behaviour Change to help women create simple and sustainable weight loss and health. She now has the joy or helping women globally to go from hormonal to healthy and LOVE themselves again (or indeed – maybe for the very first time!)

Meet Katie

Our Marketing and Team Manager

With a Master’s degree in Human Behaviour and over 6 years of experience, I specialise in using my creative and analytical insights to help others find their voices. Now I’m so proud to be part of The Health and Fitness Coach team, where I’m able to bring my expertise to help make a difference in other women’s lives, as I also understand the challenges that came with achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle. In the last few years, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, PCOS and IBS. All of this has led to me gaining over 5 stone. I’m working on getting back to feeling happy and healthy, and this fuels my desire to help other women feel their best too.

Meet Ana

Our Relationship Team Leader

Hi I’m Ana! For me life is all about connection and communication, and having gone through my own struggles with health and body, being able to connect with other women who feel the same is so important. I love when our clients share their wins, their successes, their journeys because I can truly see the difference I am helping to make in other women’s lives!

Meet Jake

Our Client Care Team Manager

Jake is our universal soldier who is consistent in every category.  His strong work ethic and core values are why he is such an asset to our family.  It doesn’t matter what tasks you put in front of Jake, he is doing it better than everybody else, whether that be in serving our clients, helping his team, or communicating our message to the world.

Meet Diana

Our Client Care Team Associate

Diana has a unique ability to really open up to every client she comes into contact with.  This unicorn has empathy for her clients, a willingness to really dive in on every call, and has truly adapted to our culture of wellness, trust, joy and empathy.

Meet Justin

Our Client Care Team Associate

Justin has shown what natural charm, combined with the willingness to learn can achieve.  As one of the top client care associates, a lot of what Justin brings simply can’t be trained.  A naturally open and compassionate team member, Justin brings a smile to everyone’s face (even behind the beard)

Meet Lulu

Our Client Care Team Associate

Lulu’s bubbly personality, and own belief that being a role model for the company comes from living a life of health, calm and wellness, she encapsulates everything that we hold dear to our hearts. Quirky, outgoing and completely relatable, Lulu understands the struggles that women face and cares deeply for their success.

Marsheena Cheddesingh

Meet Marsheena

Our Client Care Team Associate

I’ve had my own own struggles with hormonal imbalances and ovarian cysts. With over 10 years experience in Client Relations, its a joy to be able to work with a diverse and beautiful Team that prides itself of uplifting women.


Meet Abdul Wahab

Our IT Department Head

I’m Abdul Wahab, spearheading the technical department. With a software engineering degree, fitness coaching certification, and a sports background in boxing, I unite technology and fitness. Guiding our team to surmount challenges is my forte. Together, let’s script success through code and coaching!

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