My 40lb Weight loss Before & After

The body works better when one has been on a cleanse. When one is over weight there is often a problem with toxicity. As mentioned one needs to exercise as well or the weight loss will be more muscle mass than fat. In regard to exercise many over do it and do not it intense enough. I would generally recommend Peak 8 approximately every second day with a 5 minute warm up. Flexibility type activities and just being active.
Developing muscle is critical for increasing ones metabolism. I have found Intense heavy strength static training for 5 to 10 seconds for 5 exercises. For best results the whole body has to be fully recovered and that takes a more time than many have been lead to believe. If you find that progress in the development is stopped then you will need more recovery time between work outs. Also it important to realize that the range of motion is not necessary. What is necessary is heavy weight because that causes the body to stimulate muscle growth.

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